Thursday, August 07, 2008

Out Of Practice

I’m out of practice and it showed this evening.

In and attempt to get out and shoot I watched some of the graphic elements on my way home from the office. I waited for the harsh Southern Californian light to wane a bit, ate some dinner and headed out. I took the Flexbody with me for some practice along with 3 rolls of Delta 100 and a roll of FP4. I forgot my 80mm lens so it was a good thing I had put the 150mm in the bag or it would have been a total bust.

The first issue is that I am wholly unfamiliar with the Flexbody. It takes a sequence too get comfortable with and I am clearly not comfortable. The sequence consists of making sure the lens is cocked and then shut in order to expose the film. You also need to wind the film or you risk a double exposure, or two, or three. I don’t know how many I had but I’m sure it was a few. Maybe it’ll prove to be interesting.

The other tool I left at home was the hex wrench to keep my mounting plate tight on the camera body. It came loose and finally proved to be unusable on the tripod. It worked out OK I suppose because by then I had lost the light. I just wonder how many images will be what I composed because of movement. With the Flexbody I was throwing stuff out of focus and it’s a fine line as it is. So movement will affect composition and then focus.

The other issue, and the one I’m most embarrassed about, is that instead of using spot metering on my meter I was using incident readings. I have no idea how badly exposed these will turn out to be but I have a guess I’m going to be really disappointed with my efforts. I should have known something was wrong when my readings weren’t changing drastically. I shot an entire roll this was before I caught it. Royal PIA and definitely a result of not getting out and shooting. Keith Carter says to just get out and shoot. Artistic blocks won’t work themselves out all on their own. It takes some work and it’s evident I haven’t put any work in to improve my craft.

This was shot with the Flexbody at the San Juan Capistrano Mission. It's one of the almost acceptable images from several rolls of dismal failures.