Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mark Tucker's Dottie

We live in interesting times with access to information, ideas, people... that we would have difficulty knowing anything about 20 years ago. Case in point, blogs. It's interesting to me that blogs have connected me to people I don't know and provided insights into their lives I would otherwise have no ability to know.

Mark Tucker is a prime example. Years ago, in a forum now closed, I paid attention to Mark's posts. They always struck me as smart, thoughtful and respectful. I starting paying attention to his photography and love to see his new work and am really glad he starting blogging recently. I actually had a chance encounter with him in New York at Photo Expo several years ago. He has his "plungercam" over his shoulder and I just said hello. As he had shown in his posts, he was kind and respectful and tolerated a total stranger interrupting his journey to wherever that day in the Javitts Center.

Anyway, one of the images I always loved was the one where he is pointing a hose and his dog is jumping into the stream of water with a smile and joy in the eyes. As a dog lover it just seemed the quintessential image of a guy and his dog. If you haven't had a chance to check out his work jump on over to the link and read the story. I'm sorry for your loss Mark.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Jordan's Room

Life in the house has changed, maybe not as drastically as I thought it would but changed nonetheless. Our daughter left for university a few weeks back and we are in the throes of an empty house. The dogs still look for her when we come home knowing someone is missing. And the bedroom is clean and, while it still looks very similar, is very empty.

I had the Yashica out one day documenting the room knowing it would soon be empty. This is the lived in look and one that continually was a source of frustration. Funny how the tides have turned. Images she has sent us from her dorm room are the complete opposite from this image. At least one side is anyway.

Just another mundane image.

Adian and the cat

As with my last post, which seems forever ago, I’m still searching for that elusive reason to photograph. For a variety of reasons, work, travel, desire, I’m just not getting what I want in my images. The last few months have seen dismal failures and that hasn’t changed recently.

I’ve been trying to look more inwardly to see what I can photograph that will resonate with me and possibly with others. So far it’s all been rather boring and more than a little frustrating.

But I recently scanned some images from several months ago. I’m just now getting around to looking through them. This is one of them and it’s from a trip to Kentucky earlier this year.

This is my great nephew playing with the cat that hangs around my nephews house. The kids are allergic and I don’t think it wants to come in anyway but it was a cure scene and I had to try and see what I could do with it. It’s shot with Neopan 1600 because that’s what I had in the camera and the light was lower than I thought so it worked out. I like this one but it could have been so much better had I worked it a bit more.