Friday, September 05, 2008

Jordan's Room

Life in the house has changed, maybe not as drastically as I thought it would but changed nonetheless. Our daughter left for university a few weeks back and we are in the throes of an empty house. The dogs still look for her when we come home knowing someone is missing. And the bedroom is clean and, while it still looks very similar, is very empty.

I had the Yashica out one day documenting the room knowing it would soon be empty. This is the lived in look and one that continually was a source of frustration. Funny how the tides have turned. Images she has sent us from her dorm room are the complete opposite from this image. At least one side is anyway.

Just another mundane image.


Jordan said...

Hey! My room only looked like that because I was packing for college!!! :)

Larry D Hayden said...

Are you sure? I think this was previous to the packing!

jordan said...

haha very funny. NOT!

this is actually when my sheets were being washed. notice the lack of sheets and pillow cases :)