Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Most of my work lately has been of family -- documenting them, the animals, and just in general -- making a record of what I know it to be. Someday this will matter to a few people. Right now I don’t think so, but since there are only a few readers to this blog we’ll see. But mostly I am doing this for myself because I simply enjoy the act of photographing. And as I’ve written before, there aren’t many in the family that seem to enjoy it as much as I do. Actually, they may like the images as long as they aren’t of them.

But it does get me thinking about photographers like Mark Tucker who seem to be able to get over that and make wonderful images of people close to him as well as those that might not be. I also look to images from Mark Robert Halper for inspiration as well. He just goes about his business and makes striking images of the people in front of his lens. There are other guys like Jay Reilly who I recently came across. I couldn’t shoot his way but his images really resonant with me. It really looks as if he enjoys himself very much doing something he obviously loves. And then there is Michael E. Gordon, a landscape photographer that produces images that I just really like to look at.

So this is an image of BJ, my brothers horse and extraordinary one at that. At least to me he is since I know nothing about horses but any four-legged creature that comes up to me wanting an ear or nose scratch is extraordinary. I’m a sucker for the attention. I hope my brother likes this since he wouldn’t let me get an image of him.

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