Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fairyland Palms

OK, I’ve had enough of the political coverage. Enough of the business coverage and just about had it with all the negative stuff on TV. So I’m watching a DVR recording of Fleetwood Mac (shows my age I know) and enjoying the music and not worried about much else. So I thought I’d post an image and go wherever it may lead.

This is another image from a day out with the Flexbody. I’m still not sure about the camera but it’s unlikely I’ll get rid of it. It’s unique enough - only 2500 made - that I want to keep it and see if I can learn to get along with it a bit better. In the meantime I’ve jumped into the large format arena full force. After a good day with Michael Gordon, large format isn’t so scary. I’ve shot a few sheets, developed them, and found it’s something that I think will fit pretty well with what I want to accomplish with my photography. Time will tell if that is true but I think it’s going to be a good choice and I look forward the experience. I think shots like this will be more aggressive and allow more freedom with LF than I can get today. It’s really a very versatile system.

Palm trees are everywhere in Southern California. There was a huge importing of palms to Southern California in the 1920’s and 1930’s, and a lot of these trees still exist in California today and have actually come to symbolize the state. But there is only one native tree to Southern California and that is the Washington Palm which is rare according to what I’ve read. I’ve not done much more searching beyond that but I’ve always thought the palm trees in Orange County looked too perfect and they have always intrigued me photographically. But as with much of my work it’s never very flushed out. This just happened to be a day when I thought I might be able to capture what I was seeing.

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