Friday, October 17, 2008

Office Parks

I spend a lot of time in office parks, coming, going, coming, going... in my day job. I spend some of the time just looking as I drive by and wonder what I can see and if I could make an image. A few weeks ago I took out the Flexbody, which I am not getting along with very well, and wanted to try to get a better feel for the camera. Driving home that afternoon I saw images in my head and thought I might be able to actually make an image I liked. This is from the first roll that I developed yesterday.

I thought the Flexbody would allow me to get what I wanted better than a straight focused sharp image. And for the most part it did. These office parks are the factories of my youth. They house workers like me who push out products doing the same thing day to day. I may wear a tie today but it’s not much different than when I flipped metal from one pallet to the next at the aluminum factory. But I do have air conditioning and that’s a major plus.

I’m back to developing my own stuff because I didn’t like the delay, didn’t like the condition my negatives were coming back, scratches, dust, etc. and I wanted to get my stuff developed and worked a little sooner in relation to shooting it. And the reality is I can scratch them, cover them in dust absolutely fine by myself and it’s a lot cheaper. So after a few mistakes here and there I think I’ve got it down again and will get through my backlog of stuff in the coming weeks. I’ve already developed 7 rolls this week but I purposely used rolls I knew didn’t have anything good on them for the most part, you know, just in case.

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