Sunday, February 22, 2009


I’ve spent the last few months thinking about the immediate nature in today’s society. As it relates to my photography, and therefore this blog, I wonder how much instantaneous gratification is really needed. There have been other posts recently on this topic, and they have said it much eloquently than I will be able to accomplish, but I’m going to address is a bit anyway. (Mark Tucker’s comes to mind at the moment.)

I spent the weekend developing my backlog of film. I did it two 35mm rolls at a time, over a period of several days, and finished up with a couple rolls of 120. I’ll be posting over the next few weeks but the process got me to thinking even more about how everything needs to be done “right now.”

Most of this film is several months old and I really had to think about where I was when I shot the images. They have mostly been from business trips, and there are far too many images of the dogs included, but they waited to be developed as we dismantled the office I spoke about in the last post. And despite the fact that I thought most of it would be crap, there are a few images in the mix that I do like. I doubt I would have anything any better had I been shooting digital but I know I would have had more images to sift through and be disgusted with.

So here is the only color roll developed in the last few weeks. It was shot on Kodak E200 on a trip to San Francisco for the day. There were two I like from this roll and that was it. The rest of it didn’t work out too well mostly because I am always in too much of a rush on trips like this. More to come.

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