Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Headed To Shanghai

I’m presently sitting in seat 13G on an American Airlines flight to Tokyo headed ultimately to Shanghai. That’s 5451 miles to Tokyo from LA and another 1119 miles from Tokyo to Shanghai. That’s a lot of miles no matter how you look at it.

In my bag is one Leica, two lenses, 8 rolls of Provia 100 and 16 rolls of black and white film. That’s 864 images to be made and the goal is to shoot all 864 frames this week. That’s about 123 images a day; approximately 3 rolls of film over the 7 days. Of course I don’t have an actual 7 days since I just crossed the international date line (I can see it on the flight map). It’s an exercise of making myself shoot, see and find out if I can make an image that resonates with me.

I like the word resonate. It means something to me I can’t quite identify but I know when I feel it and when one of my images resonates (at least for me)... for that matter when any image resonates.

Here is an image that doesn’t resonate. It’s a poor attempt with the Chamonix and it required a crop. I studied under Jack Corn, a renowned documentary photographer in the 50’s and 60’s, who taught me to frame in the camera. I’ve never really shaken that, especially when I shoot 35mm.

But LF allows for some of that and it’s going to make me come out of a comfort zone and basically learn to shoot in a very different manner. I’ll still try to compose in camera - why lose the real estate - but will be more open to other arrangements.

This image is an example of that. I really enjoy panoramic images. This image was something I just saw in a panorama when I was setting up. I couldn’t get close enough because of a fence to cut out the cloudless sky, nor did I have a lens that would have brought anything closer. So here it is. My second posted LF image which really isn’t. Taken on Portra 160VC with a Fuji QL holder which is another post altogether and another reason I had to crop.


Nik Daum said...

How long are you in Shanghai for? I just moved here a week ago. It's pretty crazy. Lots of great photos too.

Larry D Hayden said...

Unfortunately I leave today and didn't get much time out because of work. I plan to stay longer next time. Seems like a great city and the people are very nice.
Thanks for stopping by.