Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Large Format Rejection

Here are some examples of the learning curve associated with moving into large format. I found this site not far from my house one evening just as the light was going down. I got up early the next morning to shoot again and decided to take the QL film I had and see what I could do with color. I also wanted to see how easy it would be to get it developed at my favorite lab.

When I got the film back there was an obvious light leak as well as dead space that I had a difficult time figuring out. With large format I’m still getting the process down and when mistakes like this happen it can be difficult to troubleshoot. And as much as I dislike electronics, my background in troubleshooting makes this a bit easier for me to break down to find the cause. It’s one of the rare times when I am methodical.

Anyway, I was shooting some Type 55 on Saturday (images to come) and I was having the same issue. I wasted two sheets of this valuable stuff before I saw that I wasn’t getting the packet properly seated once I made the image. Sure enough... light leak. One problem solved but I should have done it before I went out that morning.

The other issue is lost likely a result of not puling out the packet far enough. Both images that show this have the exact same of unexposed film so I think that is the cause. I’ll make sure I pull the packet out all the way in the future. So now you know the other reason I had to crop this image.

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