Saturday, March 21, 2009

What Does Photography Do For You?

Over the last several weeks I’ve forced myself out more often with the camera. I’ve got several rolls of 120 to develop, multiple rolls of 35mm (from my extensive travels of late) and about 10 sheets of 4x5 that needs processing. All of this has led me to thinking what photography does for me.

The biggest thing it has done lately is really reduce the stress and allow me to forget any other stuff while I’m out making images. That is especially true with large format, and to a somewhat lesser degree with the medium format gear. While out, I’m getting better at looking and seeing, and in the end, making images.

This is an image from the San Juan Capistrano Mission. It’s a favorite place to go and see if I can see an image and practice with the Chamonix. This isn’t a particularly good image but it’s a start, at least for me. I set up in front of the door and if I had one person stop I had ten. It was an exercise in maintaining some amount of focus as I tried to set up. It also was an exercise in learning how to use the camera properly in order to use it improperly for the type of images I want to make.

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