Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Annenberg Space For Photography

Took the day off and headed to The Annenberg Space For Photography up in Los Angeles. If you are in the area it’s worth the trip and it’s free to enter as well. In addition, they will validate your parking for 3 hours which will allow you time to visit, eat or have a coffee. For $3.50 it’s a great deal.

The space is small but there was quite a lot packed in. During the afternoons there is a digital exhibition on a large screen that really makes the images look wonderful. It’s a slideshow on steroids. There is also a room with a large plasma screen with video of the photographers speaking about their photography. Throughout the space there are images on display from the various photographers being showcased.

The inaugural exhibit is a group of LA photographers including several from the LA Times. In addition Douglas Kirkland and Greg Gorman are included in the exhibit. Kirkland showed some new work as well as some of the Marilyn images he’s famous for. Gorman showed the same old tired work that he’s been showing for the last 10 years. As my wife said, “...seen it all before...”

My favorite images were from LA Times photographer Carolyn Cole. (Read an interesting article here. Her work was simply amazing and to hear her speak on the video was telling.)

There are also images there from Julius Shulman famous for his images of Southern California architecture. Really cool work to see. He said in his video he shot one B&W image and one transparency of the places he would make images of. And by the way, he’s not a shooter, he’s a photographer. He doesn’t carry a gun. Listen to an interview on NPR here.

Click on the title to go to the Annenberg Space site and check it out. And look for the photographers that are speaking for the Iris Nights lecture series.

This is an image from a side trip over to the Great Park in Irvine. It’s on Polaroid Type 55 and taken with the Chamonix. I’ve got some sheets yet to develop but should get them done soon.

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