Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Inauguration Day

This is a little late and not as timely as I had intended.

I’m getting caught up on the backlog of film I’ve had since early January. Over the last two weeks I’ve developed about 12 rolls of 35mm, 6 rolls of 120 and 16 sheets of 4x5. Now I am getting them scanned, spotted and adjusted in PS.

I’ve been developing in Diafine since the beginning of the year. It’s really helped to standardize, get my process down and know what I’ll get. On 4x5 I’ve been using Ilford FP4 because 100 sheets of the stuff was included in the price of the Chamonix when I bought it. I’m exposing it at ISO 200 and processing in Diafine 3+3. It makes scanning the images pretty easy and I like it so far. The negs would be difficult to print in the wet darkroom but I don’t think I’ll be doing that any time soon so I’m not worried.

With the Leica I’m using Plus-X at 400 and Tri-X at 1250. I’m really pleased with that combination in Diafine. I used some Delta 100 in Japan at ISO 80 and I like those as well. So that’s my line up for the foreseeable future.

In 120 I’m using HP5 at 800 and FP4 at 400. I have 3 rolls of Delta 100 at 64 for the dr5 process which I want to try once again for some images. I’m not sure how far I will take that but I plan to see what I get and also try the Efke 25 for the Chamonix.

These are images I made as I traveled on January 20th. It was an historic day and I wish I had planned a bit better and stuck around LA for the festivities instead. I won’t put any of the others up. It’s my guess they will need to stand a bit of time to mean anything to anyone else, if they ever will at all.

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