Thursday, April 09, 2009

Japan Redux

These are two more images from Japan.

After spending the day lost, I finally made it back to the hotel and needed some food and some rest. I made my way to a market that was close by, bought some water, ate some chocolate and just plopped my butt down for a bit in a little park. I just didn’t want to take the easy route and head back to the hotel.

So I headed out with another roll of film, a little more energy and decided to see what I could see. Turns out there is always something to see if you just put your mind to it.

I headed out over a bridge that was an overlook for a local train and decided to try and make some images of the train as it passed by. As I’m doing this I noticed the shutter speeds are much faster than I has imagined for the film I thought I had in the camera. I didn’t give it much thought and just figured I had gone through a roll quicker than I expected.

So I head off to find something to eat, preferably sushi, and find a nice place, step inside and am pleasantly surprised to find a sushi place with an english menu and a sushi chef that speaks english. It’s harder to find than you would imagine.

I get some great sushi, some good saki and feel rejuvenated. I’m watching the chef make platters to go and thinking this would make a good image. At this point I’m more than halfway through the roll (or so I thought) when I realize I have Delta 100 in the camera but am exposing it for Diafine like it’s Tri-X. Bummer! Turns out I’m on exposure 35. Big bummer! And I’m thinking I made some good images here and they are going to be SO over exposed. Turns out that Delta 100 in Diafine at 1250 is somewhat forgiving. The images of the chef are complete crap but some of the other images turned out OK. These are a couple of them.

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