Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I spent a few days in Japan at the beginning of March as well as a day in China. International trips are always hectic for me and it’s rare that I get a chance for some personal time that doesn’t include work. With as much travel as I do for business - about 150,000 miles last year alone - the last thing I usually want to do is spend more time away from home.

This trip was a bit different in that I got a weekend in Tokyo; something I haven’t been able to do in 8 years or so. I spent some time with a friend of mine on Friday hitting a variety of camera shops that I wouldn’t have known about without his guiding ability. It absolutely poured the entire day and the camera never came out, although it should have. But I was enjoying the discussion with my friend, taking in parts of Tokyo I had never seen, and in general, just enjoying the down time.

And on Friday night I was able to have dinner with some old friends I haven’t seen since our company was acquired several years ago. I had the camera but never got it out. The food and conversation were just too good.

On Saturday I had time to myself and I braved the trains and went exploring. I got lost. I could have stuck to cabs (a very expensive proposition) and gotten to wherever I wanted to go. But I thought I’d hit Yokohama and then head to Kyoto on the train. I made it to Yokohama, ended up on a wrong train back to my hotel before heading out to Kyoto and so I spent a couple hours exploring before I decided to find my way back.

These are some of the images.

Having recently read about the issues in Kyoto maybe it’s a good thing I missed it.

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