Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kentucky Trip

I spent the weekend in Kentucky with my family to celebrate the 50th anniversary of my parents. It was a very quick trip with just one full day in the state and almost two full days of travel.

I took the Hasselblad and the Leica and thought I’d get some good family images along with a group portrait of everyone who attended the party. Unfortunately the wild gremlins decided to show up at a most inopportune time.

I should know better than to develop key rolls at the same time just in case there is a mix up in the procedure. But in an effort to get the film developed and scanned before I leave for Japan this week, I went ahead and developed the two rolls that had the group images on them. Big mistake.

In order to get me in the photo - something that was seriously driven home to me by my wife, daughter and mother - someone else needed to trip the shutter. I’m not sure what happened there but the shutter was never tripped by the designate. Strike one.

To make matters worse, and like the last post where I sometimes don’t pay attention when I should, I drained the Diafine A and then mistakingly put in fix instead of Diafine B. There is an image on the neg but it’s thin. I might be able to get an acceptable scan from the negative but it’s a bit of a reality check. I need to really get my head into the game when I’m out with the camera.

This is an image of Lily. You might remember her from a couple of years ago. She’s as adorable as ever and certainly knows how to make her uncle feel good about himself. I was told by her dad that the evening we arrived she ran and got into her favorite dress when the call came that we were almost there. It does wonders for the ego. She looks a little disconcerted here but she’s trying to keep her kite in the air while posing for me. At the same time her brother is trying to ram his kite into hers. It makes for a rather frustrating experience for her. But I like the image and I hope that someday she will too.

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Zack Blair said...

Lily says thank you for the picture. She loves it!