Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Fresh M.I.L.K.

The winners were announced in the Fresh M.I.L.K. competition this week and unfortunately I wasn’t among them. After viewing the winning entries it’s clear that my submissions weren’t close to what they were looking for. While I thought, upon deciding what images to submit, that they reflected the theme, it’s obvious that my images were too singular in subject matter and didn’t have enough of the interaction required to address the judges intentions.

But it did provide a desire to enter my work into more competitions provided they meet some criteria that doesn’t blatantly rip off the entrants. Having reread the T&C’s I don’t think I would have entered but would have still liked to win.

This year I am building up a body of work to start submitting for the 2010 juried competitions. It’s the foundation for where I think I want to start taking my work. Closing in on 50, I want to put more effort into my work and less into my occupation. We’ll see how that goes but it’s the plan as I see it today.

The first step of that plan is to get with a photographer I respect and start looking through the initial edit of images I have. I’m also taking a workshop in San Francisco later this year that I really excited about. More on this stuff later.

This is an image from Shanghai. I didn’t get around to processing the film until this past weekend because I didn’t think I had anything worthwhile. I was much more excited about the Japan images. But I did get a few images from China I like and I’ll post them over the next few days. As is typical these days, I’m in another airport flying to another town so bear with me a bit.

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MS said...

Beautiful Shot, really like it in B/W version. And I love rain :)