Friday, May 01, 2009


I’ve recently printed about 60 images that I really like and that I’ve taken over the last few years. After I received the images I noticed, but had not realized when choosing, that all of the images were from the Leica. I’m not sure if I’m surprised by this or not.

I’ve spent a good portion of my photographic life shooting 35mm and only in recent years have I moved to medium format and only in the past 6 months moved to large format. The Leica was purchased in order to carry a camera with me as I traveled and to replace the digital camera I had which was just too big to carry comfortably. It’s the one I usually have with me and it’s been on 90% of the trips over the last two years.

But on this past trip to Japan I decided to take the Yashica Mat with me after the poor results with the Hasselblad while in Kentucky. I knew I wouldn’t get much time to get out and comfortably make images but wanted to have something with me just in case.

As usual the images, due to the lack of committed time, appear to leave a lot to be desired. As I reviewed the 60 images I printed out, edited them a bit and selected what I thought were strong images I noticed that the images that I liked the most were taken when I had some time to actually get out and make images. In most instances I had time by myself and spent time observing and making images. These few rolls from Japan recently will suffer from the fact that I didn’t get any time to just wander around.

These are two more from Japan and I really liked the patterns in the two buildings. The color one is from one of only 2 rolls of color I used while there in March and they were both taken on a Saturday while I had time to myself and just walked and observed. I like these two images and in the context of the images I’m selecting work well.

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