Saturday, May 23, 2009


In the last few years my business travel has increased in intensity to a point where it is less than fun. Unfortunately, it’s a necessity that can’t be avoided if I want to do my job properly.

As I’ve mentioned before I take the camera on almost every trip. Sometimes it makes it out of the bag and sometimes it doesn’t. In looking at the hotel images I’ve written about previously, I’ve recently noticed a bit of a theme, especially in the color stuff. Whereas the B&W stuff is about the shapes and forms the color work shows a bit of the loneliness the road is really about. This image in particular shows the “glamour” of traveling. It’s the view outside of some nondescript hotel in Seattle.

I post this image because I’m in the process of getting my images into a more coherent group of images, get a new website and develop direction. With the help of Dan Milnor I think I have a start.

If you haven’t been to Dan’s blog please check it out. His photography, especially his B&W stuff, is something I aspire too. His writing on the blog is thought provoking from a photography industry viewpoint, at times hysterical and always entertaining. It’s a daily read for me.

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