Friday, July 31, 2009


Over at PDN there is an article about an “artist,” and I use that word in the loosest terms, in which a downloaded image has been modified by taking the people out of the image.

She’s takes an image, made by someone else, modifies it and somehow gets to publish a book. Go figure. I wonder if it will sell? I really wonder who she knows and how she was able to get this published? It’s mind boggling to say the least and it begs the question of who makes these kinds of decisions and who buys this stuff? And I am most curious about how she can actually make a living.

A link to the article by clicking the title. Sheesh!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Julius Shulman

I love reading about people, especially photographers, and what they mean to people. Julius Shulman passed away a few weeks ago and there have been a lot of blogs posts, news reports and videos over the last few weeks. Here are links to a few of them.

Tim Mantoani - Remembering Julius "One Shot" Shulman


LA Times

NPR: The Picture Show

LA Times Video on Case Study House #22

Monday, July 20, 2009


Thank you to all of you that have taken the time to comment here on the blog or send private emails. They are greatly appreciated.

Time has a way of passing all too quickly. What seems important today is decidedly not so tomorrow. And what seems inconsequential at the present time has a way of indelibly making it’s presence known somewhere down the road and becoming very meaningful at a most unexpected time.

Photography for me has always been important but it has usually taken a less than meaningful space in my life. It’s always present but somehow it never really gets to the level I want it to be. It certainly has it’s moments but a sustainable, meaningful existence has proven to be slightly out of grasp. But occasionally I get the time, and an image, that lets me think that I might just be onto something. This is one of them.

My favorite blogger, Dan Milnor, would call this an “Urban Abstract Moment.” And in this case it would be true. It is urban. And abstract. And a moment. I like it and I hope that it just might not quite qualify under his definition. It does include people and the two umbrellas make the image for me personally.

I’ve been trying to get away from where a lot of my stuff has been going lately. Even before I read his post I knew my images were a lot like what he refers to in this post. I needed more people, more interaction, more fluidity. But this is a huge and difficult step for me. It’s scary, difficult and my recent attempts have been abject failures. I expect that to be the case over the coming months.

But I have to do it. It’s where the passion lies for me in photography and where I’ll enjoy it the most. It’s also what will allow it to come to the forefront more often and become a sustained, meaningful pursuit for me personally. And while I’ve mostly put up stuff on this blog that I’m happy with, and in some cases, downright proud of, I will most likely put up some of the abject failures as well. Maybe I’ll get some constructive criticism… maybe not. Regardless, I tend to photograph for myself anyway even if I constantly struggle with where it’s going. But if I’m not consistently making images then I’m not doing what I just absolutely love to do. And if I’m not doing that then what’s the point.

P.S. I know this is similar to another image but I ultimately liked this one much better once it was scanned and printed.